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Express Entry

 Express Entry combines the three economic programs: 

The Federal skilled worker program, 

The Canadian experience Class

The Federal Skilled Trades program 

Express Entry is an online system where applicants can submit their profiles online and claim points based on the following factors: 

  • Age
  • Highest level of education
  • Language Abilities (assessed through designated institutions) with a minimum CLB 7 
  • Work experience
  • Number of years worked
  • Family ties to Canada
  • Past work experience in Canada
  • Their spouse’s (if applicable) information whether accompanying or not 

Once the profile is successfully submitted, it is valid for one year from the time of submission. The strongest applicants will receive invitations to apply to Canadian permanent residency, and submit their supporting documents. 

The federal skilled worker program requires applicants to have the following settlement funds based on their family size. 

Provincial Nomination Program

Certain provinces will target applicants in the express entry system if they require their skills and work experience and lack it in the province. 

Other provinces have pathways where an applicant can directly apply to their programs (either by submitting an online application or paper application) depending on the province. 

Some provinces provide applicants with extra points if they have family or friends residing in it. 

Self Employed Program

Applicants who are involved in cultural activities, such as dancing, singing, composing, graphic designers, or those who are athletes and have competed at a world class level might be able to apply under the self employed Canadian permanent residency program.

Applicants need a score of 35 out of 100 to apply. They need to be able to prove to the Immigration officer that once they are granted Permanent residence, they are able to work in their occupation, be self employed, and contribute to Canada’s cultural activities. We work closely with our clients to prepare a strong application with the appropriate supporting documents. 

Caregiver pilot program

For the Caregiver pilot program there are two options: 

  1. Home support worker pilot and 
  2. Home child care provider pilot 

Humanitarian and Compassionate Programs: 

Certain applicants in Canada can apply for permanent residence under Humanitarian and compassionate grounds. This only applies to people with very strong cases. They are assessed based on the merits, and are case by case . The officer considers the following factors when assessing an application: 

  • How the settled the person is in Canada
  • General family ties to Canada 
  • The best interests of any children involved 
  • The impact be of a negative decision on an individual  

Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers are those who make claims for protection in Canada. These vulnerable people need protection from certain types of persecutions based on: 

  • Race 
  • Religion 
  • Ethnicity or nationality 
  • Political views 
  • Membership in a social group such as women or people based on their sexual orientation

This program is not a short cut into Canada. When assessing the claim, the decision maker takes into consideration whether:

  • The applicant had other options in their home country, 
  • Requested Help from certain parties
  • Hold a second nationality that they could use and live in that country 
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